We choose to carry only a few (carefully selected) partner brands. Now while each product has its unique function, all of them are chosen for a common primary reason – they offer the absolute best value to you, the end user.

BRAKE PADS, BRAKE SHOES, ROTORS, BRAKE CLEANER The most well-known and trusted brand in aftermarket brake pads and shoes. It is the brand that caters to the widest range of vehicle models. It also the only brand that offers different types of pads suited for different applications.
ADDITIVES & CLEANERS BlueChem is a German brand with a line of TUV certified products proven to restore and optimize the efficiency and performance of your vehicle. It is a must-use product in vehicle care and maintenance.
MINERAL & FULLY SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL Compliant with the latest standards and oil performance ratings, Hardex is specially engineered with the finest synthetic base stock and advanced additives to offer superb performance and reliability. It is manufactured in Malaysia.
SPARK PLUGS NGK is one of the world’s largest OE supplier of spark plugs. With over 80 years of automotive expertise, the brand continues to uphold its dedication to innovation, performance and quality.
WIPERS NWB wipers are used as the No. 1 genuine parts for all the car makers in Japan. No brand comes close when it comes to wiper performance and expertise.
AIR FILTERS, FUEL FILTERS, CABIN FILTERS Fleetmax is a US brand that offers a line of automotive filters. With its competitive pricing, it continues to grow and be knows as a brand that gives exceptional value to the car owner.
MINERAL & FULLY SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL Splitfire oil comes from Malaysia. Designed with special cleaning agents, it actively prevents build-up of dirt and deposits. It exceeds industry specifications for protection, performance and durability, and is approved by leading car manufacturers.
GLASSCOATING Supagard paint sealants are some of the most technologically advanced paint treatments available. The tough, high gloss barrier bonds to the paintwork, seals the surface against harmful UV rays, acid rain and atmospheric pollution.
PROFESSIONAL AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS Cimatools is a provider of automotive workshop tools. It is committed to providing specialized tools that use the latest technology and systems to make work more efficient and reliable.